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From the Editors From the Editors
Mike Boone Adequacy and the Courts: A Review
Doug Davis
(Drake Lecture)
2013 Drake Lecture
Lee Duemer Early Congressional Activites on West Point: 1776 to 1861
Wendy Freebersyser A Narrative of One Teacher's Journey Toward Conscientization
Don Hufford Worldview Understandings and Teacher Authority
Vyacheslav Khrapak Reflections on the American Lyceum: The Legacy of Josiah Holbrook and the Transcendental Sessions
Susan Laird
(Presidential Address)
Getting a Concept of Coeducation
Shante Lyons & Matthew Davis The Sociopolitical Ideology of a Communist Educator: Doxey A. Wilkerson
Alison Reeves Outlook Not So Good: The Struggle for Integration in Evanston, Illinois 1966-1971
Doug Simpson & Mike Sacken The Sympathetic-and-Empathetic Teacher: A Deweyan Analysis
David Snelgrove Political Upheaval and Turmoil's Shaping Educational Philosophy: Hannah Arendt on Education
Roy Tamashiro Vietnam's War-Memorial Museums: Diverse Narratives and Multiple Histories Searching for Identity
Martha Tevis Philanthropy at Its Best: The General Education Board's Contributions to Education, 1902-1964
Jim Van Patten Reflections on Law and Society: Retrospect and Prospect