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Lucy E. Bailey

(Drake Lecture) 

Forgetting and Remembering: Cultural Memory Work Toward Racial Justice
Lee S. Duemer and Michelle Gregory

Threats to Academic Freedom and Tenure: Analysis of American Association of University Professors Committee A Reports and Implications for Faculty


Marloes Hoencamp and Others

Personalism: An Elucidation of the Philosophical Foundations of the Educational Theory of Philipp Abraham Kohnstamm (1875–1951)


Lindsay Myers

Teaching 1990s Christian Youth: The Teen Study Bible as Christian Fundamentalist Curriculum


David Snelgrove

Pragmatism and the Absolute: The Problem of Truth


Sam F. Stack, Jr.

Conspiracy Theory and Pragmatic Inquiry: Is There a Role for Education?


Roy Tamashiro

(Presidential Address) 

Toward Witness Consciousness: Journeying intoTranspersonal Knowing and Being