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Stacy Otto

(Drake Lecture) 

Ridicule in Real Time: How Memes Can Undermine Totalitarianism and Save the World!
Lee S. Duemer

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”: Interpretations for Faculty Life


Thomas V. O'Brien and Tommie Killen

In the Face of Normality: An Analysis of One Person’s Encounters with School Power across a Lifespan


Matthew J. Shiloh and Chara Haeussler Bohan

“As American as Apple Pie”: Attacks on the Teaching of History and Social Science, from Social Reconstructionist Opposition to Divisive Concepts Legislation


David Snelgrove

Liberal Education, Philosophy, and Education for Democracy: The American Philosophical Association and Philosophy in American Education


From the Editors 

Learning Disrupted, Learning Derailed: What Doesn’t Kill You, Doesn’t Make You Stronger


William Fridley

(Presidential Address) 

The End of Education and the Existential Grand Canyon