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Lucy E. Bailey, Oklahoma State University

Michael D. Boone, Texas State University

John F. Covaleskie, University of Oklahoma

Dalton B. Curtis, Southeast Missouri State University

Matthew Donald Davis, University of Missouri, St. Louis

Thomas E. Deering, Augusta State University

Brian Dotts, The University of Georgia

Lee S. Duemer, Texas Tech University

Neil O. Houser, University of Oklahoma

John W. Hunt, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Laura Krohn, Oral Roberts University

Daniel G. Krutka, University of North Texas

Linda C. Morice, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Ralph Olliges, Webster University

Matthew Pascucci, Arizona State University

Aaron Rife, Wichita State University

Adam David Roth, University of Rhode Island

Donna M. Sayman, Wichita State University

Douglas J. Simpson, Texas Christian University

David Snelgrove, Oklahoma State University

Samuel F. Stack, Jr., West Virginia University

George Stone, University of the Ozarks

Martha May Tevis, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley



         The Journal of Philosophy and History of Education is an annual publication of the Society of Philosophy & History of Education (formerly the Southwestern Philosophy of Education Society). Based on anonymous review by the Editorial Advisory Board, a limited number of papers are selected from those delivered at the annual meeting of the Society of Philosophy and History of Education in San Antonio, Texas, September 2008. The opinions expressed in the respective works are those of the individual authors, and may not necessarily be the position of the Society, the editor, the Editorial Advisory Board, or the publishers.

         Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in the profession of education. Only members may present papers at the annual meeting. Dues vary in accordance with the vote of the membership and may be mailed to the Secretary-Treasurer or the current Program Coordinator. Other information may be obtained from the SOPHE Web page at


The copyright of the Journal of Philosophy and History of Education in the name of the Society of Philosophy & History of Education protects the rights of the individual authors who have contributed their thoughts to this volume. For purposes of reproduction, written permission of the individual authors must be secured. A scholarly entry, moreover, must be used noting the Journal of Philosophy and History of Education as the source of first publication.



These volumes of the Journal of Philosophy and History of Education are available online. Each volume is published in the year after the SOPHE meeting.


JOPHE, Volume 73,2023 from SOPHE 2022Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 73,2023
JOPHE, Volume 72,2022 from SOPHE 2021Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 72,2022
JOPHE, Volume 71,2021 from SOPHE 2020Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 71,2021
JOPHE, Volume 70,2020 from SOPHE 2019Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 70,2020
JOPHE, Volume 69,2019 from SOPHE 2018Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 69,2019
JOPHE, Volume 68,2018 from SOPHE 2017Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 68,2018
JOPHE, Volume 67,2017 from SOPHE 2016Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 67,2017
JOPHE, Volume 66,2016 from SOPHE 2015Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 66,2016
JOPHE, Volume 65,2015 from SOPHE 2014Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 65,2015
JOPHE, Volume 64,2014 from SOPHE 2013Individual articles from JOPHE, Volume 64,2014
JOPHE, Volume 63,2013 from SOPHE 2012
JOPHE, Volume 62,2012 from SOPHE 2011
JOPHE, Volume 61,2011 from SOPHE 2010
JOPHE, Volume 60,2010 from SOPHE 2009
JOPHE, Volume 59,2009 from SOPHE 2008
JOPHE, Volume 58,2008 from SOPHE 2007
JOPHE, Volume 57, 2007 from SOPHE 2006
JOPHE, Volume 56, 2006 from SOPHE 2005
JOPHE Volume 55 from SOPHE 2004
JOPHE Volume 54 from SOPHE 2003
JOPHE Volume 53 from SOPHE 2002
JOPHE Volumes 52 from SOPHE 2001
JOPHE Volume 51 from SOPHE 2000
JOPHE Volume 50 from SOPHE 1999
JOPHE Volume 49 from SOPHE 1998
JOPHE Volume 48 from SOPHE 1997
JOPHE Volume 47 from SOPHE 1996
JOPHE Volume 46 from SOPHE 1995

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